Woodruff County

Woodruff County offers quiet, peaceful living — clean air and water, a mild climate, outdoor recreation, good schools, excellent housing and a warm welcome. Woodruff County was named for William E. Woodruff, founder of the Arkansas Gazette and who became influential in Arkansas government. The Woodruff County Courthouse is in the county seat of Augusta. The 1902 Romanesque Revival structure is listed on the National Historic Register. The courthouse is unusual for being in a residential neighborhood and surrounded by historic homes. It features a four-story clock tower and multi-colored ceramic tile floors with a tile mural. Woodruff County's rich, level land is well suited to rice, cotton, soybean and grain farming and to the mechanization that has changed the shape of eastern Arkansas agriculture. Additionally, some light industry is located in Augusta, McCrory and Cotton Plant. These cities also are centers for outdoor recreation. The scenic White River forms most of the county's western border and is known for year-round floating and fishing. The Cache River flows through the Rex Hancock Black Swamp Wildlife Management Area in the center of the county and is nationally known for duck hunting. The Cache River Natural Area includes some of the state's finest river swamp and bottomland hardwood forests, including some of its largest, most magnificent bald cypress and tupelo trees and majestic, record-size oak. Bayou DeView, which runs nearly parallel to the Cache, has been described as a "virtual island of bottomland hardwood timber surrounded by farmland." It provides good hunting, especially for waterfowl, and ample fishing opportunities. The Henry Gray Hurricane Lake Wildlife Management Area also is known for its excellent hunting opportunities. McCrory's popular Mosquitofest, a mosquito-themed festival held annually in mid-June, offers arts and crafts, bake sales, concessions, entertainment, games, a community fish fry and contests. Augusta was founded as a trading post in 1848 and was built on the site of an abandoned Native American village. Augusta is on the bank of the White River, which is accessible by a launch ramp in the downtown area. Augusta celebrated its 150th anniversary in 1998. The population of Woodruff County is 6,269 (2020 Census).

500 N. Third St.
Augusta 72006
(870) 347-5206

County Judge
Michael John Gray
Phone: (870) 347-5206
Fax: (870) 347-5137
Mailing Address: P.O. Box 300, Augusta, 72006

County Clerk
Jackie Meredith
Phone: (870) 347-2871
Fax: (870) 347-2608
Address: 500 N. Third St., Augusta, 72006

County Circuit Clerk
Lori Grisham
Phone: (870) 347-2391
Fax: (870) 347-8703
Address: 500 N. Third St., Augusta, 72006

County Sheriff
Phil Reynolds
Phone: (870) 347-2583
Fax: (870) 347-2915
Address: 500 N.Third St., Augusta, 72006

County Treasurer
Carrie Woodall
Phone: (870) 347-5416
Fax: (870) 347-3508
Mailing Address: P.O. Box 551, August, 72006

County Collector
Phil Reynolds
Phone: (870) 347-5152
Fax: (870) 347-2915
Mailing Address: P.O. Box 555, Augusta, 72006

County Assessor
Leslie Collins
Phone: (870) 347-5151
Fax: (870) 347-5901
Address: 500 N. Third St., Augusta, 72006

County Coroner
Brad Bevills
Phone: (870) 919-6177
Address: 602 E. 3rd St., McCroy, 72101

Justices of the Peace
Thomas Gaines, Brian Austin, Kenny Simons, Freddie Hudson, Chuck Dallas, Bill Crawford, John Berry Beard, Harold “Bo” Collins, Robert Lee Gibbs

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