Union County

The Union County Courthouse was built from 1927-28 in the Greek Revival style by Mann & Stern Architects of Little Rock. It was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1983. The original courthouse, built in 1844 at a cost of $200, stood where Larry’s Rexall Drug Store is today. The county seat of El Dorado quickly outgrew even its second courthouse (built on this site in 1848) in the 1920s due to the oil boom’s voluminous deed and title transactions. Faceted in smooth-dressed limestone, the third and current courthouse boasts 40 freestanding ionic exterior columns spanning four stories, and a richly detailed marble two-story atrium with art deco accents. The exterior medallions of the scales of justice and lanterns of light signify the search for truth. The building’s largest courtroom features a walnut wainscot, tromphe l’eil painting and scoring on textured plaster walls to resemble stone and an ornately detailed plaster cast ceiling of gilded rosettes. Back when the square was flanked by log cabin structures, there was a large duck pond on this site. Emigrants camped on its banks. Many pioneers recorded deer and bears coming to drink, and hunters frequently would bag their dinner by shooting wild ducks that lit there in the mid-1800s. The population of Union County is 39,054 (2020 Census).

101 N. Washington St.
El Dorado 71730

(870) 864-1900

County Judge
Mike Loftin
Phone: (870) 864-1900
Fax: (870) 864-1902
Address: 101 N. Washington, Suite 101, El Dorado, 71730

County Clerk
Alice Lowery
Phone: (870) 864-1910
Fax: (870) 864-1927
Address: 101 N. Washington, El Dorado, 71730

County Circuit Clerk
Cheryl Cochran-Wilson
Phone: (870) 864-1940
Fax: (870) 881-4034
Address: 101 N. Washington Suite 201, El Dorado, 71730

County Sheriff
Ricky Roberts
Phone: (870) 864-1970
Fax: (870) 864-6334
Address: 250 American Rd., El Dorado, 71730

County Treasurer
Debbie Ray
Phone: (870) 864-1928
Fax: (870) 881-4000
Address: 101 N. Washington Suite 104, El Dorado, 71730

County Collector
Karen Scott
(870) 864-1930
Fax: (870) 864-1934
Address: 101 N. Washington Suite 106, El Dorado, 71730

County Assessor
Vicki Deaton
Phone: (870) 864-1920
Fax: (870) 864-1926
Address: 101 N. Washington, Room 107, El Dorado, 71730

County Coroner
Stormey Primm
Phone: (870) 864-1903
Fax: (870) 864-1999
Address: 101 N. Washington Suite 402, El Dorado, 71730

Justices of the Peace
Mike Dumas, Justin Hendrix, Greg Harrison, Gary New, Carolyn Jones, Cecil Michael Polk, Johnny Burson, Donnie Crawford, Benny Vestal, Donald Brock, Ross Burton

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