Sharp County

Sharp County was formed in 1868 from a part of Lawrence County. It was named for Ephraim Sharp, who was a member of the state legislature representing Lawrence, Randolph and Greene counties when the new county was formed. The landscape of the county is rolling hills in the foothills of the Ozark Mountains. Crystal River Cave opened for tours in the 1930’s, and many people from eastern Arkansas built cabins along the Spring River, where the beauty of the foothills is all around. The Harold E. Alexander Wildlife Management Area has public land fronting the Spring River available for recreation and overnight use. Hunting is allowed in designated places. The economic base of the county is agriculture — cattle, broilers, hay, and watermelons — and some light manufacturing, with tourism being No. 1. Part of the working people in the county commute to nearby Batesville. Cherokee Village, a long-established resort-retirement community, is very active. So is Hardy Old Town, which is downtown and dates back to the early 1880’s and features numerous quaint antique and gift shops. Hardy and Evening Shade served as the two sites of courthouses until 1964, when a newer courthouse was built in Ash Flat.

718 Ash Flat Drive
Ash Flat 72513

(870) 994-7338

County Judge
Gene Moore
Phone: (870) 994-7338
Fax: (870) 994-7366

County Clerk/Circuit Clerk
Tommy Estes
Phone: (870) 994-7361
Fax: (870) 994-7712

County Sheriff
Mark Counts
Phone: (870) 994-7356

County Treasurer
Wanda Girtman
Phone: (870) 994-7347
Fax: (870) 994-7366

County Collector
Charlotte Ratliff
Phone: (870) 994-7334
Fax: (870) 994-2769

County Assessor
Kathy Nix
Phone: (870) 994-7328
Fax: (870) 994-7708

County Coroner
Renee Clay-Circle
Phone: (870) 847-0800
Fax: (870) 856-3477

Justices of the Peace
Roger Stark, Briana DiIorio, Greg Prenger, Chuck Murphy, Tony Vaughn, Everett McGuire, Bart Schulz, Jeral Hastings, Todd Price

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