Pope County

The history of Pope County began with the June 1813 establishment of an Indian agency. Maj. William L. Lovely was appointed as an agent to the Cherokee Indians and established the agency. This area was near the center of the Cherokee settlements in Arkansas. Dwight Mission was later located near the agency and was the first non-Indian settlement in Pope County established in 1820. The first school in Arkansas opened at the mission on January 1, 1822. Pope County was originally formed on November 2, 1829, from part of Crawford County. Later, part of Van Buren County was added to it. Still later, a part of Johnson and Yell counties were added to it. It was named for John Pope, the third Arkansas Territorial governor. The city of Pottsville lies east of Russellville. Its history really began in 1820, when Kirkbride Potts settled and homesteaded 160 acres. The historic Potts Inn in downtown Pottsville was built by Potts and completed about 1858. Potts Tavern is on the National Register of Historic Places. Descendants of the family lived in the home until the 1960s. The home also served as a stagecoach stop and post office. To the north lies the Ozark National Forest with many and varied recreational areas, hunting, fishing, camping floating, hiking trails and perhaps the only bayou in the country featuring whitewater. Holla Bend Natural Wildlife Refuge is one of the state's most outstanding areas for viewing and photographing wildlife, especially eagles and waterfowl and a significant wintering population of Canadian Geese. Arkansas Nuclear One is a landmark in London. State parks include Lake Dardanelle State Park and Quita Park. The Corp. of Engineers has Sweeden Island Park, Lock and Dam Park. The Forest Service has Long Pool and Bayou Bluff Parks. Russellville is the county seat of Pope County. Pope County has a population of 63,381 (2020 Census).

100 W. Main St.
Russellville 72801

(479) 968-7487

County Judge
Ben Cross
Phone: (479) 968-7487
Fax: (479) 967-6874
Address: 100 W Main St., Russellville, 72801

County Clerk
Pam Ennis
Phone: (479) 968-6064
Fax: (479) 967-2291
Address: 100 W. Main St., Russellville, 72801

County Circuit Clerk
Rachel Oertling
Phone: (479) 968-7499
Fax: (479) 880-8463
Address: 100 W. Main St., Russellville, 72801

County Sheriff
Shane Jones
Phone: (479) 968-2558
Fax: (479) 968-6145
Address: #3 Emergency Lane, Russellville, 72802

County Treasurer
Larry L. Holman
Phone: (479) 968-2194
Fax: (479) 968-1767
Address: 100 W Main St., Russellville, 72801

County Collector
Jennifer Haley
Phone: (479) 968-7016
Fax: (479) 890-5205
Address: 100 W Main St., Russellville, 72801

County Assessor
Dana Baker
Phone: (479) 968-7418
Fax: (479) 968-4571
Address: 100 W Main St., Russellville, 72801

County Coroner
Matthew Scott
Phone: (479) 968-2558
Fax: (479) 968-6142
Address: #3 Emergency Lane, 72802

Justices of the Peace
Philip Haney, Margaret Motley, Tim Whittenburg, Ronnie Wilbanks, Jackie Heflin, Mary Metz-Blaylock, Blake Tarpley, Aaron Carothers, Bill Sparks, Allan R. George, Lane A. Scott, Jordan Sowers, David Ivy

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