Pike County

Pike County was formed in November 1833 by the Territorial Legislature from portions of Clark and Hempstead counties and was named for Zebulon Pike, for whom Pike’s Peak in Colorado is named. The county seat is Murfreesboro. The landscape of the county is rugged terrain in the northern half and rolling hills in the south. The economic base of Pike County is made up of commercial forests and small family farms. At one time, Pike County had the largest peach orchard in the United States or perhaps in the world. The Crater of Diamonds, an 886-acre natural park south of Murfreesboro, is the only diamond mine in North America open to the public. If you find a diamond, you keep the diamond. This brings hundreds of tourists to this area each year. More than 60,000 diamonds have been discovered since 1906, the largest and most famous being the “Uncle Sam” (40.33 carats), the “Star of Murfreesboro” (34.35 carats) and the “Star of Arkansas” (15.33 carats). The crater also yields amethyst, opal, jasper, agate, quartz, and other minerals. The deed records for the diamond mine are housed in the county courthouse and are the only records of title in North America to a diamond mine. The Caddo River, the Little Missouri River, and Lake Greeson offer excellent fishing, canoeing, swimming, picnicking sites, and other water activities. The population of Pike County is 10,171 (2020 Census).

Courthouse Square
Murfreesboro 71958

(870) 285-2414

County Judge
Eddie Howard
Phone: (870) 285-2414
Fax: (870) 285-3281
Address: P.O. Box 239, Murfreesboro, 71958

County Clerk
Randee Reid
Phone: (870) 285-2743
Fax: (870) 285-3900
Address: P.O.Box 218, Murfreesboro, 71958

County Circuit Clerk
Sabrina Williams
Phone: (870) 285-2231
Fax: (870) 285-3281
Address: P.O. Box 219, Murfreesboro, AR, 71852

County Sheriff
Travis Hill
Phone: (870) 285-3315
Fax: (870) 285-2626
Address: 305 Industrial Park Drive, Murfreesboro, 71958

County Treasurer
Loletia Rather
Phone: (870) 285-2422
Fax: (870) 285-3281
Mailing Address: P.O. Box 588, Murfreesboro, 71958

County Collector
Travis Hill
Phone: (870) 285-3121
Fax: (870) 285-3281
Mailing Address: P.O. Box 217, Murfreesboro, 71958

County Assessor
Staci Stewart
Phone: (870) 285-3316
Fax: (870) 285-2473
Mailing Address: P.O. Box 356, Murfreesboro, 71958

County Coroner
Dawn Friedman
Phone: (870) 828-8597
Mailing Address: P.O. Box 85, Kirby, 71950

Justices of the Peace
John Terrell, Robbie Crocker, Seth Henry Kirkham, Leotis Snowden, Jerry Fendley, Kip Holbrook, Richard Mohlenhoff, John J. Plyler, Jr., Paul Baker

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