Phillips County

Phillips County was formed on May 1, 1820, by the Territorial Legislature, and was named for Sylvanus Phillips, the area’s first-known white settler and representative to the first Territorial Legislature. The county seat is Helena. The landscape of Phillips County is rich, flat, delta farmland. The Mississippi River forms the eastern boundary. Agriculture and agricultural chemicals, along with sporting and recreation on lakes and waterways, have formed the basis of Phillips County’s economy. St. Francis National Forest, the smallest of the national forests, is a semi-tropical haven for countless species of wildlife and vegetation. White River National Wildlife Refuge contains ox-bow lakes deposited by the White River and has some of the finest bass-fishing waters to be found. The refuge is home to some 227 species of non-game birds, 48 species of reptiles and amphibians, and 30 species of mammals. Phillips is an old county with rich heritage. Nearly two dozen sites in the county are on the National Register of Historical Places. Phillips County Courthouse is a stately old building. At the northwest corner of the two-story building is a bronze statue of a World War I doughboy with a fixed bayonet standing in the middle of the intersection of the adjoining redbrick paved streets. The courthouse stands just inside the levee of the Mississippi River, and a U. S. Coast and Geodetic Survey benchmark located at the northwest corner of the building shows that the elevation of the small courtyard in the fertile delta is 189.55 feet above sea level. The population of Phillips County is 16,568 (2020 Census).

620 Cherry St.
Helena 72342

(870) 338-5500

County Judge
Clark Hall
Phone: (870) 338-5500
Fax: (870) 338-5504
Address: 620 Cherry St., Ste. 208, Helena, 72342

County Clerk
Shakira Winfield
Phone: (870) 338-5505
Fax: (870) 338-5509
Address: 620 Cherry St., Ste. 202, Helena, 72342

County Circuit Clerk
Tamekia Franklin
Phone: (870) 338-5515
Fax: (870) 338-5513
Address: 620 Cherry St., Helena, 72342

County Sheriff
Neal Byrd, Sr.
Phone: (870) 338-5555
Fax: (870) 338-5557
Address: 1804 Martin Luther King Dr., Helena, 72342

County Treasurer
Santresa "Tot" Mayfield
Phone: (870) 338-5510
Fax: (870) 338-5511
Address: P.O. Box 362, Helena, 72342

County Collector
Neal Byrd, Sr.
Phone: (870) 338-5580
Fax: (870) 338-5582
Mailing Address: P.O. Box 450, Helena, 72342

County Assessor
Jerome Turner
Phone: (870) 338-5535
Fax: (870) 338-5586
Address: 620 Cherry St., Ste. 100, Helena, 72342

County Coroner
Earnest Larry
Phone: (870) 338-1253
Address: 1362 Phillips 315 Rd.

Justices of the Peace
Edward Carter, Alfred Robinson IV, Oscar Hoskins, C.R. Walker, Betty Brimley, Shirley Moss-Larry, Tommy Young, Martin Rawls, Lenora Marshall

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