Ouachita County

Ouachita County was formed in November 1842, from part of Union County and named for the river running through it. In the Choctaw language, the words “owa” and “chita” mean “big hunt.” From that came Ouachita. It was the river that enticed a French trapper to establish a trading post that would become Camden, the county seat. Once heavy steamboat traffic linked Camden directly to New Orleans and other important cities. The county’s economy is about half and half timber and manufacturing, with some tourism sprinkled in. The landscape of the county is rolling hills, largely forested. Hunting, fishing and water sports abound. The Ouachita County Courthouse has the cornerstone from the 1889 courthouse in the base for a planter in front of the entrance to the present building. The cornerstone refers to the original edifice as “this temple of justice.” Also on the lawn is a statue of a woman carrying a flag, erected as a monument to Confederate women, and a Spanish-American War marker. The population of Ouachita County is 22,650 (2020 Census).

145 Jefferson St.
Camden 71701

(870) 837-2210

County Judge
Robbie McAdoo
Phone: (870) 837-2210
Fax: (870) 837-2218
Mailing Address: 145 Jefferson St. SW, Camden, 71701

County Clerk
Sherri Hunter
Phone: (870) 837-2220
Fax: (870) 837-2217
Address: 145 Jefferson St., Camden, 71701

County Circuit Clerk
Gladys Nettles
Phone: (870) 837-2230
Fax: (870) 837-2252
Address: P.O. Box 667, Camden, 71701

County Sheriff
David Norwood
Phone: (870) 231-5300
Fax: (870) 231-4329
Address: 109 Goodgame St., Camden, 71701

County Treasurer
Melinda Chambers
Phone: (870) 837-2250
Fax: (870) 837-2251
Address: 145 Jefferson St., Box 12, Camden, 71701

County Collector
David Norwood
Phone: (870) 837-2260
Fax: (870) 837-2215
Mailing Address: P.O. Box 217, Camden, 71701

County Assessor
Tonya McKenzie
Phone: (870) 837-2240
Fax: (870) 837-2242
Address: 145 Jefferson St., Camden, 71701

County Coroner
Todd McAteer
Phone: (479) 858-8701
Address: 2350 Airline Drive., Camden, 71701

Justices of the Peace
Ware Russell, Dale Vaughan, Eddie Pickett, Erma Brown, Raymond Furlow, Addie Moore-Edwards, Dennis Truelove, Linda Hines, Fred Lilly Sr., Essie Arnold, Jerry West

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