Montgomery County

Montgomery County, formed on December 9, 1842, was named for Gen. Richard Montgomery, a hero of the American Revolution. The county was once the hunting grounds of the Caddo Indians. The county seat is Mount Ida. The landscape of the county is long, narrow ridges of folded rock, large fertile valleys, and mountains (Ouachita) covered with oak and pine timber. Montgomery County’s natural resources and its rugged beauty are its livelihoods. Sixty-three percent of the county is national forest land, with the federal government being a stable employer. Cattle, swine and poultry production, along with mining and tourism make up the economy. The Ouachita Mountain range of Arkansas is one of only three known areas in the world to have enough high-quality quartz crystal to warrant mining. In 1987, more than two million tons of quartz was mined in Montgomery County for uses ranging from decorative items to computer chips. Each year Montgomery County has an annual Quartz Crystal Festival and Crystal Dig. The scenic beauty and recreation draw visitors from far and near. Lake Ouachita, located in the county, is Arkansas’ largest lake. Thousands visit the park areas each year to enjoy the clear water, fishing, and other water sports. The Ouachita River, the Caddo River and the Little Missouri River all flow through the county. The Missouri River drops an average of 35 feet per mile in its 29-mile journey through southern Montgomery County. The Montgomery County Courthouse houses the early history of the county. It is made of native stone and is now listed on the National Register of Historic Places. Montgomery County is within easy driving distance of metropolitan areas offering shopping, restaurants and other services. The population of Montgomery County is 8,484 (2020 Census).

105 Highway 270 East
Mount Ida 71957

(870) 867-3114

County Judge
Bart Williams
Phone: (870) 867-3114
Fax: (870) 867-4354
Address: 105 Hwy. 270 East, #7, Mount Ida, 71957

County/ Circuit Clerk
Regina Powell
Phone: (870) 867-3521
Fax: (870) 867-2177
Address: 105 Hwy. 270 East, #10, Mount Ida, 71957

County Sheriff
Neal Thomas
Phone: (870) 867-3151
Fax: (870) 867-6232
Address: 105 Hwy. 270 East, #9, Mount Ida, 71957

County Treasurer
Missy Keenom
Phone: (870) 867-3411
Fax: (870) 867-4958
Address: 105 Hwy. 270 East, #1, Mount Ida, 71957

County Collector
Neal Thomas
Phone: (870) 867-3155
Fax: (870) 867-3485
Address: 105 Hwy. 270 East, #9, Mount Ida, 71957

County Assessor
Tammy McCarter
Phone: (870) 867-3271
Fax: (870) 867-3485
Address: 105 Hwy. 270 East, #8, Mount Ida, 71957

County Coroner
Jeffery Blansett
Phone: (870) 867-3151
Fax: (870) 867-6232
Address: 225 Fairgrounds Rd., Mount Ida, 71957

Justices of the Peace
Retha Curtis, Tommy Beshears, Matt Rae, Steve Irwin, Kenn Greene, Melissa Powell, Nathan Howell, Tonya Roberts, David McCarter

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