Lee County

Lee County was formed on April 17, 1873, from parts of Crittenden, Monroe, Phillips and St. Francis counties. The county was named for Gen. Robert E. Lee. The county seat is Marianna. The landscape of Lee County is rolling hills in the northern tip and rich delta flat farmland in the center. Crowley’s Ridge runs through the northern tip. The Mississippi River makes up the eastern border of the county, and half of the St. Francis National Forest, the smallest forest in the nation, is situated in the southeastern section with excellent hunting and fishing. Altogether Lee County has 25 lakes and 320 miles of manmade shoreline. The Louisiana Purchase State Park is comprised of 37.5 acres of headwater swamp. The John Patterson Memorial in Marianna marks the birthplace of the first non-native American born west of the Mississippi. His favorite riddle: “I was born in a kingdom (Spain), raised in an empire (France), attained manhood in a territory (Arkansas), and now am a citizen of a state, and have never been 100 miles from where I was born.” The economy is mainly agriculture. Rich cotton and other typical delta crops are grown here. The Crowley’s Ridge area grows fruit crops and pecan trees. Processing agricultural products and light manufacturing has helped the economy. The population of Lee County is 8,600 (2020 Census).

15 E. Chestnut St.
Marianna 72360

(870) 295-7700

County Judge
Terry Sandefer
Phone: (870) 295-7700
Fax: (870) 295-7766
Address: 15 E. Chestnut St., Marianna, 72360

County Clerk
Pam Webb
Phone: (870) 295-7715
Fax: (870) 295-7783
Address: 15 E. Chestnut St., Marianna, 72360

County Circuit Clerk
Millie A. Hill
Phone: (870) 295-7710
Fax: (870) 295-7712
Address: 15 E. Chestnut St., Room 2, Marianna, 72360

County Sheriff
Corey Demond Wilson
Phone: (870) 295-7775
Fax: (870) 295-7735
Address: 15 E. Chestnut St., Marianna, 72360

County Treasurer
Mark Smith
Phone: (870) 295-2588
Fax: (870) 295-9511
Address: 48 W. Main St., Marianna, 72360

County Collector
Corey Demond Wilson
Phone: (870) 295-7752
Fax: (870) 295-7768
Address: 15 E. Chestnut St., Marianna, 72360

County Assessor
Becky Hogan
Phone: (870) 295-7750
Fax: (870) 295-7705
Address: 15 E. Chestnut St., Marianna, 72360

County Coroner
Robert Kennedy
Phone: (870) 768-5061
Fax: (870) 295-4505
Mailing Address: 13 South Liberty St., Marianna, 72360

Justices of the Peace
Jimmy N. Bickerstaff, Junious Pruett, Lydia Lewis, Jed Anderson, Drew Wooten, Lafayette Smith, West Higginbothom, Bill Gerrard, Jesse C. Garrett

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