Lawrence County

Lawrence County was created on January 15, 1815, by the Missouri Legislature, which had jurisdiction over the region until Arkansas became a territory in 1819. The county was named for Capt. James Lawrence, a naval officer killed in the War of 1812. Walnut Ridge is the county seat. The landscape of Lawrence County is flat-topped rolling hills in the western half and flat fertile delta river bottomland in the eastern half. The economy is made up of agriculture, with rice, soybeans, and milo as leading crops. Cattle, poultry, and light manufacturing also contribute to the economy. There are three highways that make it convenient to ship in and out of the county. Three rivers — the Strawberry, Spring, and Black — flow through the county. Lake Charles and Lake Charles State Park offer fishing, hiking, picnicking and water sports. The park consists of 645 acres with campsites scattered among the trees. The Shirey Bay-Rainey Brake Wildlife Management Area is a 10,500 acre tract between the Strawberry and Black rivers and is managed primarily for water fowl. It also has excellent fishing. Thirty-one of the state’s present counties were carved from the original Lawrence County. Previous courthouses were at Powhatan and Walnut Ridge before consolidation of county seats and construction of the current courthouse at Walnut Ridge. A previous courthouse at Powhatan was destroyed by fire in 1885, but the records were saved because they were stored in fire-proof vaults. They are now stored at the Northeast Arkansas Regional Archives at Powhatan. The population of Lawerence County is 16,216 (2020 Census).

315 W. Main
Walnut Ridge 72476

(870) 886-1110

County Judge
Gary Barnhill
Phone: (870) 886-1110
Fax: (870) 886-1125
Address: 315 W. Main St., Room 1, Walnut Ridge, 72476

County Clerk
Brandi Parker
Phone: (870) 886-1111
Fax: (870) 886-1122
Mailing Address: P.O. Box 526, Walnut Ridge, 72476

County Circuit Clerk
Michelle Evans
Phone: (870) 886-1112
Fax: (870) 886-1128
Address: 315 W. Main St., Room 7, Walnut Ridge, 72476

County Sheriff
Tony Waldrupe
Phone: (870) 886-2525
Fax: (870) 886-2922
Address: 501 W. Elm, Walnut Ridge, 72476

County Treasurer
Connie Mullen
Phone: (870) 886-1116
Fax: (870) 886-1117
Address: 315 W. Main St., Room 6, Walnut Ridge, 72476

County Collector
Stephanie Harris
Phone: (870) 886-1114
Fax: (870) 886-9871
Mailing Address: P.O. Box 408, Walnut Ridge, 72476

County Assessor
Becky Holder
Phone: (870) 886-1135
Fax: (870) 886-5904
Mailing Address: P.O. Box 187, Walnut Ridge, 72476

County Coroner
Robert Chris Warden
Phone: (870) 886-3434
Fax: (870) 886-3678
Mailing Address: P.O. Box 60, Hoxie, 72433

Justices of the Peace
Ricky Benson, Donald Richey, Lloyd Clark, Heath Davis, Frank Binkley, Jeff Yates, Tracy Moore, Kenny Jones, Alex A. Latham

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