Hot Spring County

Hot Spring County was formed on November 2, 1829, by the Territorial Legislature from a part of Clark County. The county’s name came from the natural hot springs that later became world famous as a part of Garland County. The county seat is Malvern. The landscape is forested ridges, and river bottomland, with the Ouachita Mountains in the north and west and rolling hills in the southeast. Hot Spring County’s economic base is beef and dairy cattle, and the cultivation of hay, soybeans and rice. Industrial development includes lumber mills, brick plants, metals, and small industry. Many residents commute out of the county for work. The county has many varieties (65) of valuable minerals, including the nation’s greatest concentrations of novaculite and vanadium and magnet ore, which is in the roadbed of U.S. Highway 270. Malvern calls itself the “Brick Capital of the World.” In July of each year, Brickfest is celebrated with arts, crafts, games, and entertainment. The county courthouse, constructed in 1936 by the WPA, is built of local brick. Lake Catherine, set in a forest of tall pines and hardwoods, offers a getaway for fishing and other water sports, and Lake Catherine State Park offers campsites, cabins, hiking trails, and a marina. The Ouachita River, which runs through the county, is well known for it’s fishing and floating. The population of Hot Spring County is 33,040 (2020 Census).

210 Locust St.
Malvern 72104

(501) 332-2261

County Judge
Dennis Thornton
Phone: (501) 332-2261
Fax: (501) 337-5260
Address: 210 Locust St., Malvern, 72104

County Clerk
Patty Griggs
Phone: (501) 332-2291
Fax: (501) 332-2221
Address: 210 Locust St., Malvern, 72104

County Circuit Clerk
Teresa Pilcher
Phone: (501) 332-2281
Address: 210 Locust St., Malvern, 72104

County Sheriff
Scott Finkbeiner
Phone: (501) 332-3671
Fax: (501) 332-7415
Address: 215 East Highland Ave., Suite 119, Malvern, 72104

County Treasurer
Glorie Thornton
Phone: (501) 337-7411
Fax: (501) 332-2221
Address: 210 Locust St., Malvern, 72104

County Collector
Sheri Oden
Phone: (501) 332-5857
Fax: (501) 332-2221
Address: 210 Locust St., Malvern, 72104

County Assessor
Blake Riggan
Phone: (501) 332-2461
Fax: (501) 332-5524
Address: 210 Locust St., Ste. 4, Malvern, 72104

County Coroner
Jason Chenault
Phone:(501) 732-2302
Fax: (501) 332-3140
Address: 215 E.Highland Ave., Malvern,72104

Justices of the Peace
James Bryant, Brian Coston, Ralph V. Williams, Darrin Hardy, Mike Scarbrough, Don Hilyard, Gerald W. Black, Mitchell Burnett, Jimmy Rogers, Wylie Whitley, Chris Morrison

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