Greene County

The Territorial Legislature from part of Lawrence County formed Greene County on November 5, 1833. It was named for Nathaniel Greene, an American general in the Revolutionary War. The county seat is Paragould. Greene County has rich, flat delta farmland in the eastern and western parts of the county and rolling hills in the center that includes Crowley’s Ridge. In the early days, railroads hauled timber out of the county, but as more people settled in the area, agriculture replaced timber as a principal activity with top crops being rice, soybeans, and small grains. Crowley’s Ridge rises above the flat delta on both sides and is comprised of ocean-bottom sand, gravel, and clay, capped with wind-blown dust. Crowley’s Ridge State Park, developed in 1933, is located in a forest of hardwood and pine on the western slope. There are several recreational facilities, including swimming, canoeing and sand beaches. Also located on the grounds are a pioneer cemetery and the home site of Benjamin F. Crowley, a veteran of the War of 1812, after whom the ridge was named. Lake Frierson, Lake Hubble and the Bland and Little Rivers offer good fishing. Hunters also enjoy two wildlife management areas. The St. Francis River, which forms the county’s eastern border with Missouri and the Cache River along the western border, offers fishing and hunting. This is a very popular area for residents and tourists. The current Greene County courthouse was completed in 1997. The complex has 39,000 square feet. The building and furnishings were completed at a cost of $4.1 million. In August 1995, county voters approved a 1-cent, countywide sales tax to pay for the courthouse. This courthouse has a link from the county’s earliest days with the display of the fireproof safe that dated from the 1877 courthouse at Gainesville. The safe, which weighs between 8,000 and 10,000 pounds, is to the right of the doors on the north side of the building. The population of Greene County is 45,736 (2020 Census).

320 W. Court St.
Paragould 72450

(870) 239-6300

County Judge
Rusty McMillon
Phone: (870) 239-6300
Fax: (870) 239-6350
Address: 320 W. Court St., Room 107, Paragould, 72450

County Clerk
Phyllis Rhynes
Phone: (870) 239-6311
Fax: (870) 239-6320
Address: 320 W. Court St., Room 102, Paragould, 72450

County Circuit Clerk
Lesa Gramling
Phone: (870) 239-6330
Fax: (870) 239-3550
Address: 320 W. Court St., Room 124, Paragould, 72450

County Sheriff
Brad Snyder
Phone: (870) 239-6343
Fax: (870) 239-6344
Address: 1809 N. Rockingchair Rd., Paragould, 72450

County Treasurer
Kristi Rawls
Phone: (870) 239-6304
Fax: (870) 239-6354
Address: 320 W. Court St., Room 106, Paragould, 72450

County Collector
Cindy Tracer
Phone: (870) 239-6305
Fax: (870) 239-6333

County Assessor
Ashley Reynolds
Phone: (870) 239-6303
Fax: (870) 239-6356
Address: 320 W. Court St., Room 101, Paragould, 72450

County Coroner
Marty Buchman
Phone: (870) 680-2357
Mailing Address: 1809 N. Rockingchair Rd., Paragould, 72450

Justices of the Peace
Sherma Dicus, Robby Glasco, Bill McCartney, Jonathan Davis, Michele Boling, Phillip Keeling, Allen Davis, Dean Wooldridge, Marc Reeves, Ronnie Roberts, Clint Harris

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