Crawford County

Crawford County was the largest county in Arkansas when it was established in 1820. Originally, Crawford County included part of eight counties, as well as part of the Indian Territory. Crawford County is rugged terrain from the Ozark Mountains in the northern half and rolling farmlands, forested ridges and isolated mountains and lakes in the southern half. Van Buren is the county seat. The main economic base of the county is agriculture and affiliated industries, soybeans, fruit and vegetables, beef cattle and poultry. Tourism is growing steadily with the lakes, rivers, mountains, valleys and the scenic views. Crawford County's courthouse is listed in the National Historic Register and thought to be the oldest active county courthouse west of the Mississippi River. The original portion of the courthouse was constructed in 1842. People are attracted to historic downtown Van Buren, which has six blocks of restored architecture, including arts, crafts and antique shops. Several motion pictures have been filmed in Van Buren. Crawford County's 2020 census count was 61,133.

300 Main St.
Van Buren 72956

(479) 474-1511

County Judge
Chris Keith
Phone: (479) 474-1511
Fax: (479) 471-3201
Address: 300 Main St., Room 4, Van Buren, 72956

County Clerk
Stacey Shelly
Phone: (479) 474-1312
Fax: (479) 471-3236
Address: 300 Main St., Room 7, Van Buren, 72956

County Circuit Clerk
Sharon Blount-Baker
Phone: (479) 474-1821
Fax: (479) 471-0622
Address: 317 Main St., Van Buren, 72956

County Sheriff
Daniel Perry
Phone: (479) 474-2261
Fax: (479) 471-3264
Address: 4235 Alma Hwy., Van Buren, 72956

County Treasurer
Daniel R. Watson
Phone: (479) 474-6641
Fax: (479) 474-5072
Address: 300 Main St., Room 6, Van Buren, 72956

County Collector
Kevin Pixley
Phone: (479) 474-1111
Fax: (479) 471-3239
Address: 300 Main St., Room 2, Van Buren, 72956

County Assessor
Sandra Heiner
Phone: (479) 471-3245
Fax: (479) 471-3225
Address: 300 Main St., Room 8, Van Buren, 72956

County Coroner
Pam Wells
Phone: (479) 471-3231
Fax: (479) 922-2043
Address: 4305 Alma Hwy., Van Buren, 72956

Justices of the Peace
Robert Kevin Arnold, Lonnie Myers, Morgan R. Morgan, Jeff Beauchamp, Brad Martin, Mark Shaffer, Lonnie Jennings, Tia Woodruff, Jason Cox, Jayson E. Peppas, Craig A. Wahlmeier, Mitch Carolan, Roger Atwell

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