Cleveland County

Cleveland County, a county of rolling hills, was formed April 17, 1873. It originally was called Dorsey County, named for Stephen W. Dorsey, a U.S. senator from Arkansas, who later fell out of favor with Arkansans. Citizens petitioned for a change of name and, in 1885, it was renamed Cleveland County in honor of Grover Cleveland, who had just been elected president of the United States. The county seat is Rison. Timber is the leading industry in the county. The Saline River was used for shipping logs before the railroads came to the county in 1881. The county has extended its economic base to produce tomatoes, broiler chicks and cattle. Rison is at the center of an estimated 15-by-6 mile iron deposit containing as much as 42 percent magnetite. The Saline River, a scenic river, runs through the county and provides excellent fishing and floating. The courthouse represents an outstanding courthouse restoration and is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. On the courthouse lawn stands a memorial to veterans of the First and Second World Wars.

#20 Magnolia St.
Rison 71665

(870) 325-6214

County Judge
Gary Spears
Phone: (870) 325-6214
Fax: (870) 325-6366

County Clerk/Circuit Clerk
Jimmy Cummings
Phone: (870) 325-6521
Fax: (870) 325-6144

County Sheriff
Jack Rodgers, II
Phone: (870) 325-6222
Fax: (870) 325-7866

County Treasurer
Jack Hopson
Phone: (870) 325-6681
Fax: (870) 325-6137

County Collector
Patti Wilson
Phone: (870) 325-7254
Fax: (870) 325-7876

County Assessor
Donna Sims
Phone: (870) 325-6695
Fax: (870) 325-6369

County Coroner
Linda Mewman
Phone: (870) 489-2663
Fax: (870) 325-6366

Justices of the Peace
James "Ricky" Neal, Donald Triplett, Jimmy Curry, Alex Tilley, Donnie Herring, Owen Rushing, Bruce T. Brown, Paul Jacobs, Judy King

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