Chicot County

Chicot County, a rich, flat farmland, was formed in October 1823 by the Territorial Legislature from part of Arkansas County. Its name was thought to have come from the French word “chicot” (stumpy) for the many cypress knees along the river. Lake Village is the county seat. Chicot County is the state’s southeastern-most county and is well known for its rich, fertile soil. Agriculture is strong. Cotton, rice and soybeans are the big three, with catfish farming and processing gaining. Lake Chicot offers many recreational opportunities. The lake is 22 miles long and is the largest oxbow lake in the nation. At the end of the lake, the state park offers cabins, a swimming pool, fishing, boating, camping, tours, picnicking, and many other recreational opportunities. Rich history abounds in the county with such landmarks as New Hope Missionary Baptist Church, founded by a slave before the Civil War. Many plantation homes also are in the county. The courthouse is on the banks of the lake with the jury room having a spectacular view of the lake.The population of Chicot County is 10,208 (2020 Census).

108 Main St.
Lake Village 71653

(870) 265-8015

County Judge
Tom Mosley
Phone: (870) 265-8015
Fax: (870) 265-8018
Address: 417 Main St., Lake Village, 71653

County Clerk
Alexandria Manning-Ewing
Phone: (870) 265-8000
Fax: (870) 265-8006
Address: 108 Main St., Lake Village, 71653

County Circuit Clerk
Josephine Taylor-Griffin
Phone: (870) 265-8010
Fax: (870) 265-8012
Address: 108 Main St., Lake Village, 71653

County Sheriff
Ronald Nichols
Phone: (870) 265-8020
Fax: (870) 265-5102
Address: 513 Main St. Lake Village, 71653

County Treasurer
Shanna Hayes
Phone: (870) 265-8040
Address: P.O. Box 231, Lake Village, 71653

County Collector
Jolecia Manning
Phone: (870) 265-8030
Fax: (870) 265-8033
Address: 417 Main St., Lake Village, 71653

County Assessor
Faye Tate
Phone: (870) 265-8025
Fax: (870) 265-8046
Address: 417 Main St., Lake Village, 71653

County Coroner
Skyler King
Phone: (870) 265-6166
Fax: (870) 265-6167
Mailing Address: P.O. Box 825, Lake Village, 71653

Justices of the Peace
Theodore Brown, Gerald Mercer, Michael Mencer, Jeraldine Tucker, Dale Scrivner, Mark Pieroni, Ralph Jones, Danita Baker Turner, Dr. Terri McCullough

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