Bradley County

Bradley County was formed December 18, 1840, from parts of Union, Cleveland, Drew and Ashley counties. It was named for William H. Bradley, who had been with Andrew Jackson at the Battle of New Orleans and later settled in Arkansas. The county seat is Warren. All of the county’s records are preserved in the courthouse. The first deed dates from March 29, 1841, and the first court records from April 1841. The county’s structure today is the third county courthouse. Its predecessors were replaced because they were outgrown, not because of destruction by fire, as is the case in a number of Arkansas counties. Pine timber is the mainstay of the economy. The county has nearly as many miles of company roads as county roads. Bradley County, however, is the tomato-raising capitol of the state; and the General Assembly declared the South Arkansas vine-ripened pink tomato the official state fruit and vegetable. The famous Felsenthal Refuge features boating, hunting and fishing and is very poplar with the sportsmen.The population of Bradley County is 10,545 (2020 Census).

100 E. Cedar St.
Warren 71671

(870) 226-3853

County Judge
Klay McKinney
Phone: (870) 226-3853
Fax: (870) 226-8401
Address: 101 E. Cedar, Suite 107, Warren, 71671

County Clerk
Karen Belin
Phone: (870) 226-3464
Fax: (870) 226-8404
Address: 101 E. Cedar, Warren, 71671

County Circuit Clerk
Cindy Wagnon
Phone: (870) 226-2272
Fax: (870) 226-8416
Address: 101 E. Cedar, Warren, 71671

County Sheriff
Herschel Tillman
Phone: (870) 226-3491
Fax: (870) 226-8408
Address: 101 E. Cedar, Suite B, Warren, 71671

County Treasurer
Diane Wesson
Phone: (870) 226-8402
Fax: (870) 226-8401
Address: 101 E. Cedar, Warren, 71671

County Collector
Herschel Tillman
Phone: (870) 226-8400
Fax: (870) 226-5635
Address: 101 E. Cedar, Suite 108, Warren, 71671

County Assessor
Stephanie Bigham
Phone: (870) 226-2211
Fax: (870) 226-5179
Address: 101 E. Cedar, Warren, 71671

County Coroner
Thomas Frazer
Phone: (870) 226-2633
Address: P.O Box 751, Warren, 71671

Justices of the Peace
Gwendolyn S. Bullard, Don Schwebel, Pat Morman, Jimmy Sledge, Tony Cathey, Bobby L. Hargrave, Jim Anders, Alton R. Richard, Dana Harvey

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