Public Policy Center launches program to collect data on ballot issues

Project goal is to create comprehensive database that can be used to help make public policy decisions

By George Jared
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It was a dream that former Lawrence County Judge Dale Freeman never got to fully realize. For many years, the county needed a better jail and in 2014 the state threatened to close the dilapidated jail the county had been using for generations.

Freeman, along with the county’s Quorum Court, passed a resolution to build a new jail. Voters then passed two sales tax resolutions to build the $8.5 million detention center. The pitch from Freeman and other local officials was simple. It would cost $600,000 per year or more to farm prisoners out to other jails, so a new one would pay for itself in short order. READ MORE.

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Guardian Pro RFID and AAC Risk Management Fund mitigate risks for Arkansas jails