Independence County jail project ongoing

Jail project will add beds, eliminate fire hazard

By Candance Carpenter
KAIT 8 News

INDEPENDENCE COUNTY, AR (KAIT) - A jail project is underway and an Independence County official said it will add additional beds and eliminate a fire hazard.

Independence County Judge Robert Griffin said if the jail project is approved, it would add up to possibly 14 beds for community service workers or house eight additional community service workers with space for six prisoners, and would remove a partition in the bunking area to eliminate a fire hazard.

Griffin said the Maintenance Supervisor for Independence County, Glen McKay, brought the idea to him.

“And we’re in the middle of a jail needs assessment and this helps to alleviate some of the problems we’ve had with overcrowding," Griffin said. "We’re working toward a long-term solution on whether we have a housing issue, or whether we need an expansion, or whether we need some other form of remediation in the current facility.”

Griffin said the project should cost taxpayers up to $30,000 for the beds and would be a less expensive option, compared to the jail expansion cost.

McKay said the jail project idea came from using space that is not being used. READ MORE.

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