Craighead County CSU admits first client

CSU ribbon cutting held Sept. 10

Mid-South Health Systems

The Craighead County Regional Crisis Stabilization Unit (CCRCSU) admitted its first clients this week.

“After years of planning, months of construction, and a well-attended ribbon cutting, we are finally down to business,” said Ruth Allison Dover, Chief Executive Officer for Mid-South Health Systems. “It is very satisfying to be serving our first clients.”

The CCRCSU is a newly constructed 16-bed facility built near the Craighead County Detention Center. When law enforcement encounters individuals in need of mental health treatment, they will often be able to divert them to the CCRCSU for mental health services rather than placing them in jail.

Mid-South Health Systems operates the CCRCSU for Craighead county.

“We have assembled a great staff for the unit,” said Kimberley Boyett, Mid-South Emergency Services Director. This includes psychiatrists, mental health professionals, nurses and support staff.

“We’ve had a lot of time to prepare for this,” Boyett added. “We know what we are doing and how to do it. So we are very excited about finally having clients.”

Last week the CCRCSU hosted a “soft opening” for area officers specially trained in crisis intervention (CIT). These officers will be making referrals to the Unit.

Marty Boyd, Craighead County Sheriff, said, “Officers who attended this event had a chance to familiarize themselves with the facility and its operations as well as practicing referral calls with the staff.

“The CCRCSU is for people who want help, who have voluntarily agreed to services,” Judge Marvin Day explained. “We have a great opportunity to provide people the support and resources they need while they are at the Crisis unit and even after they leave.”

The program provides a 24-36 hour window for clients to receive immediate care and stabilize. Staff will work with clients before they are discharged to develop a transition plan to other services and resources.

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