Benton County officials tout road improvements

Assessment surveys 800 miles of paved roads.

By Tom Sissom
Arkansas Democrat-Gazette

BENTONVILLE -- Benton County officials say the pavement assessment program the county began using in 2017 has helped them make measurable progress toward better county roads.

County Judge Barry Moehring signed a contract in early 2017 with GreenbergFarrow Architecture to do a video survey of 800 miles of paved roads. GreenbergFarrow has its headquarters in Atlanta and has a Bentonville office. The initial contract was for $65,000. The company provided a detailed report, including identifying problem areas using geographic information system satellite mapping data, in April 2017.

The county revised its 2017 road plan and developed its 2018 plan and the 2019 road plan based on the information from the assessment. The roads were designated by paving condition in color-coded categories ranging from dark green, meaning the pavement is in excellent condition, to red, meaning the pavement was considered "lost" and in need of complete rebuilding.

According to the initial assessment, the 800 miles of paved roads were ranked by the condition of the paving with 3 percent being excellent; 54 percent being good; 33 percent being fair; 7 percent being critical; and 3 percent being lost. With the tentative 2019 plan having been laid out, the county projects those number will change to 15 percent of the pavement excellent; 54 percent being good; 24 percent being fair; 5 percent being critical; and 2 percent being lost.

Jay Frasier, public services administrator and head of the Road Department, said paving priorities were set using the new information but pavement condition wasn't the only factor considered. READ MORE.

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