AAC partners with UA eVersity

By Becky Comet, Member Benefits Manager

Do you know someone that has some college credit hours but never finished a degree? Maybe you had to move a few times. Maybe you have college credits from a few different schools but have not been able to pull it all together to finish a degree program. Maybe you started and quit college a number of times. Life happens. We have children; money gets tight; divorces and deaths in the family occur; there are unexpected job changes. The list of reasons for not finishing college is endless. Maybe you have reached a point that you think, “What good would it do me to finish college now? It costs too much. I do not have time.”

Here are some reasons to finish a college degree:

  • According to a recent study published by the Economic Policy Institute, students with a four-year degree made 98 percent more on average than those without a college diploma. Completing a degree can open up better opportunities.
  • Finishing your education speaks volumes on your resume. It communicates not only what classes you took and what grades you earned, but also that you finish what you start, no matter how long it takes; you believe in continuous learning; and you are smart enough to get through a post-secondary education.

These things can be true with or without a college degree. There was a time when not having a degree would not jeopardize one’s earning potential or job opportunities. However, those days may be gone.

It is never too late to get a college degree. And with the educational alliance the Association of Arkansas Counties (AAC) has formed with the University of Arkansas (UA) System, time and money don’t have to be a big concern. UA System eVersity is an online program that provides county government employees and their families a new way to earn college degrees at a discounted price.

eVersity launched in 2015 as the state’s only 100 percent online university to help provide adult, working learners a high-quality, accessible path toward finishing both associate’s and bachelor’s degrees, along with other credentials. Students may choose from five degree programs — healthcare management, IT, business, criminal justice, and university studies.

Students can earn their degree entirely online without ever having to visit a campus. Take just one class at a time for six weeks, take a week off, and then move on to the next class seven times annually.

How is eVersity different? From start to finish it has a low-cost, worry-free admissions process.

No application fee, book fees, campus fees, athletic fees, or any other hidden costs.

  • Advisors care about the student’s future and will be there every step of the way.
  • eVersity staff acquire college transcripts and retrieve high school transcripts at no cost.
  • At only $175 per credit hour, most classes are only $525 (some classes require a one-hour lab).
  • The first class, Engage, is a free course for college credit.
  • Financial aid is available for those who qualify.
  • eVersity is accredited, assuring quality education at every level.
  • Highly qualified UA System instructors teach the classes.
  • A student’s chosen degree path courses are selected for them, one class at a time.
  • Employer discount for county government employees and their family.
  • No guesswork about which classes to take.
  • Quick and easy online application.
  • All classes and material are free, open source material and are 100 percent online. No drives to campus.

When we first made the announcement of our partnership with eVersity, Kim Mitchell, administrative assistant for AAC Risk Management Services, sent me an email about her husband Dennis’ experience with eVersity.

“Dennis finished a degree a few years ago through eVersity. It was really helpful to work on your class and assignments at the kitchen table on your own time,” she wrote.

All you need to know is the five-digit alliance code. Enter it on the application at, and it will be applied. Contact Becky Comet at (501) 372-7550 or at bcomet@arcounties to get the alliance code. It also can be found on the Member Benefits page of the AAC web site,

If you have specific program questions call the University of Arkansas eVersity at (844) 837-7489.

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